University of Wisconsin–Madison

Recent HRS Changes

While ATP is working to finalize our cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, our current system, HRS, has had some changes over the last year.

Enhancements in Self-Service Options

The ability for employees to make changes to their personal information such as home address, phone and emergency contacts has been available for some time.  Within the last year, two additional options were made available: direct deposit and W4.

With the implementation of self-service for direct deposit, employees may set up direct deposit, and they can modify their direct deposit information at any time.  This makes it easier for employees to make the changes quickly and securely, and makes fraud attempts more difficult.

Employees also can update their W4 directly in HRS.  With many people working from home, these two changes made it easier to quickly update information without having to complete a form and return it securely to the payroll staff.

Other Enhancements in HRS

In November, there was a change to where the Criminal Background Check (CBC) date and Position of Trust fields are in HRS.  The new functionality is known as the Person Assignment Checklist.  While this did not change how the CBC or Position of Trust data is initially entered via JEMS Hire, the impact for UW–Madison users was primarily where they go to find and update CBC dates and Position of Trust information in HRS. This change eliminated a custom field in HRS which will make the transition for ATP a little smoother.

Person Assignment Checklist (Screenshot)

Also, in November, a new Administrative Rule requirement for notifying departing employees about the availability of Unemployment Insurance at the time of separation went into effect.  Service Operations implemented a process to send notifications to those employees based upon termination date entered HRS.  While it is still recommended to incorporate language into all notices of termination or layoff, having HRS send the notification helps with compliance for the new requirement.

Implementation of the new HRS Security system is expected the first week of March.  This replaces OIM (Oracle Identity Manager), the system used to request roles within HRS.  The new system will be embedded in HRS, so it will function similar to your daily HRS entries and viewing.

These changes enhance current functionality and pave the way for a smoother transition with ATP.