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Launching Careers And Developing Top Talent For UW–Madison

The Job Rotation Program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison provides focused career development for participants in the professional field of their choice, with career tracks available in finance, human resources, and information technology (new in 2023). The program is designed for early career professionals who are eager to explore their potential and position themselves for career success.

The program provides meaningful work experiences that expose participants to a variety of professional settings and job responsibilities—all within two years. Participants are UW–Madison employees who are recruited, hired, and supported by the program. Each annual group of participants starts in July and moves through the experience as a cohort.

At the end of two years, participants are ideally positioned to step into a promising new role at the university.

“The Job Rotation Program has been beyond my expectations. I enjoy working on meaningful projects, networking, mentorship, and the professional development components of the program. I deeply appreciate the intentional planning and thought that has gone into making sure I have the best experience possible as a rotator.”
Program participant

Program Benefits

For the participant:

  • Early career professionals explore their career interests, become familiar with multiple areas of the university, develop new skillsets, and grow as professionals.
  • Individuals are empowered to influence their own work and learning.
  • Participants are prepared to be effective in permanent positions at UW–Madison.

For the units that host rotators:

  • Hosting units receive support with recruiting and hiring candidates and conducting performance reviews. The program pays rotator salaries.
  • Supervisors in hosting units benefit from program support and can develop their managerial skills.
  • Hosting a rotator adds capacity and fresh perspectives.

For the hiring units following program completion:

  • Employees can be waived into a permanent role in their career track at any campus unit following program completion, eliminating recruitment time and costs.
  • Employees are familiar with multiple aspects of the University’s operating environment.
  • Employees are prepared to contribute in complex, changing environments.

For UW–Madison:

  • UW–Madison benefits from a talent pool with unique perspectives and the flexibility to fill different roles.
  • The program fosters increased representation from underrepresented populations to enhance the talent pool at the university.
  • The program develops and retains a strong talent bench for placement in key administrative roles across campus.

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