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The Job Rotation Program prepares early career professionals to move into permanent roles in their respective career fields at UW‒Madison. Annually, we work with rotation employees and hiring managers to find potential opportunities. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to determine their interest and transition to their new role. Typically, program alums start their new positions in July or August.

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Getting Started

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Benefits of Hiring a Job Rotation Program Alum

  • Employees are waived into a permanent role in their career track at any campus unit following program completion. This eliminates recruitment time and costs.
  • Employees have already been vetted by the program. You can have confidence that they are strong candidates, and that best practices have been used in hiring for diversity.
  • Employees bring a unique perspective to the hiring unit, as they have worked in four diverse settings and handled a variety of responsibilities during their two years in the program.
  • Employees are familiar with multiple aspects of the university’s operating environment.
  • Employees have developed teamwork and collaboration skills, not only in their rotation assignments, but also through group projects they complete as a cohort.
  • Employees have had many professional development opportunities and have deepened their essential skill sets in areas such as effective communication, personal resilience, project management, growth mindset, work relationships, and more.
  • Employees are ready to contribute in complex, changing environments.

How the Waiver Works

When you hire a Job Rotation Program alum, there is no need to conduct a traditional recruitment. Instead, employees are “waived” into their new positions. This saves your unit valuable time and expenses.

  • Hiring units do not have to post the position.
  • There is no need to conduct a recruitment or interview multiple candidates.
  • Candidates have already been fully vetted.
  • The program uses equitable recruitment and hiring processes to help ensure a diverse pool of candidates.

Hiring managers have the opportunity to work with the program and the rotation employees. The program works to ensure that both hiring units and rotation employees are supported throughout this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our unit is interested in hiring a rotation employee. When should we get started?

If your unit wishes to hire an alum of the program, we recommend that you begin planning early in the spring semester. Consider notifying us of your open position or positions as early as January or February.

A Job Rotation Program cohort completes the program every July. Most employees are available to move into permanent positions in July or August. Many rotation employees receive multiple offers and know where their permanent role at UW‒Madison will be by March or April. Feel free to discuss your timing needs with one of our program managers.

How do I get started if I’m interested in hiring a rotation employee?

There is no need to conduct a traditional recruitment or list the position on Simply contact one of our program managers and provide details about the position you have to offer. We will work with you and the rotation employees to identify potential matches.

Who is eligible to hire a rotation employee using the waiver?

Hiring units do not need to provide rotation experiences (i.e., host a rotator) to be eligible. Any hiring unit on campus is eligible to use the waiver and hire a rotation employee.

Can I have an employee start before they complete the Job Rotation Program?

Job Rotation Program participants must successfully complete the program before they can be waived into a permanent position at UW‒Madison. This ensures that participants have the benefit of the full rotation experience before moving into their new roles on campus.

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