University of Wisconsin–Madison

Host a Rotator

Any division, department, or unit on campus—including both administrative and academic units—with a need for additional capacity in finance or human resources may wish to consider hosting a Job Rotation Program employee. These employees are paid by the program, so there is no need for hosting units to approve additional funding.

Units across campus partner with the Job Rotation Program to host rotators for six-month periods beginning in August or February of each year. Following program completion, employees can be waived into permanent roles in their career track at any UW–Madison school, college, or division.

If you would like to explore this opportunity to add an early career professional, recent college graduate, or individual in career transition to your unit for six months, please let us know your requirements by completing the Job Rotation Program Partner Interest Form.

As the goal of the program is to build a strong talent pool for UW–Madison, additional career tracks are being considered for the future. If you would like to propose a new career track, please let us know via our partner interest form, or contact Program Manager Sara Hanson at to discuss your ideas.

How to get started

If you would like to host a rotator or explore another form of partnership, please let us know using the Job Rotation Program Partner Interest Form. We’ll review your needs and interests and get back to you.

If you would prefer to start with a conversation, you are welcome to email

Benefits of Hosting a Rotator

Units that partner with the Job Rotation Program receive support and resources throughout the duration of the program.

  • Recruitment and hiring are conducted centrally. Recruitment efforts reflect best practices in recruiting with an equity lens.
  • Units do not pay the rotator’s salary and do not have to allocate funding to a new position. Salaries are paid centrally.
  • Performance reviews, including mid-point and end-point reviews, are conducted by the program with input from unit supervisors.
  • Some unit employees have their first supervisory experience through the program, developing their managerial skills as they supervise a rotator.
  • Rotating units gain increased capacity with minimal disruption, and benefit from the unique, cross-functional perspectives of a rotator.
“The Job Rotation Program is an excellent initiative, providing [early career professionals with] opportunities to learn about our university, apply their business knowledge in real life, and help discover their career paths while also providing staffing resources to the host team. The program places high priority on professional development and grooms new talent that also benefits the university down the road. It really is a win-win for everyone.”
Site supervisor

Benefits to the University

Campus units that host rotating employees play an essential role in the success of the program. The Job Rotation Program relies on partnerships across campus to achieve the following goals on behalf of UW–Madison and its schools, colleges, and divisions.

  • Increase organizational effectiveness
  • Build a pipeline of well-rounded and committed talent
  • Develop employees with the flexibility to handle complexity and rapid change
  • Improve communication and collaboration across functional areas
  • Enhance employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention
  • Bring a breadth and depth of unique perspectives to positions

Together with our partners, the Job Rotation Program works to increase UW–Madison’s capacity to fulfill its mission and advance the Wisconsin Idea.