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Any division, department, or unit on campus—including central, non-academic, and academic units—with a need for additional capacity in finance, human resources, or information technology may wish to consider hosting a Job Rotation Program employee. These employees are paid by the program, so there is no need for hosting units to approve additional funding.

Units across campus partner with the Job Rotation Program to host rotation employees for six-month periods beginning in August or February of each year. Following program completion, employees can be waived into permanent roles in their career track at any UW–Madison school, college, or division.

If you would like to explore this opportunity to add an early career professional to your unit for six months, please let us know your requirements by completing the Job Rotation Program Partner Interest Form.

As the goal of the program is to build a strong talent pool for UW–Madison, additional career tracks are being considered for the future. If you would like to propose a new career track, please let us know via our partner interest form, or contact Director of Talent Pathways Sara Hanson at to discuss your ideas.

How to get started

If you would like to host a rotator or explore another form of partnership, please let us know using the Job Rotation Program Partner Interest Form. We’ll review your needs and interests and get back to you.

If you would prefer to start with a conversation, you are welcome to email

Benefits of Hosting a Rotator

Units that partner with the Job Rotation Program receive support and resources throughout the duration of the program.

  • Recruitment and hiring are conducted centrally. Recruitment efforts reflect best practices in recruiting with an equity lens.
  • Units do not pay the rotator’s salary and do not have to allocate funding to a new position. Salaries are paid centrally.
  • Performance reviews, including mid-point and end-point reviews, are conducted by the program with input from unit supervisors.
  • Some unit employees have their first supervisory experience through the program, developing their managerial skills as they supervise a rotator.
  • Rotating units gain increased capacity with minimal disruption, and benefit from the unique, cross-functional perspectives of a rotator.
“The Job Rotation Program is an excellent initiative, providing [early career professionals with] opportunities to learn about our university, apply their business knowledge in real life, and help discover their career paths while also providing staffing resources to the host team. The program places high priority on professional development and grooms new talent that also benefits the university down the road. It really is a win-win for everyone.”
Site supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our unit is interested in hosting a rotation employee. When should we get started?

Employees start their six-month job assignments in August and February of each year. You may express interest in hosting a rotation employee at any time, but we recommend submitting the Job Rotation Program Partner Interest Form at least three months before the anticipated start date.

Do I need to get approval for a new position before hosting a rotation employee?

You do not need to budget for a new salary. Rotation employees are paid centrally by the Job Rotation Program. Typically, units seek approval from their school, college, or division to host a rotation employee.

How are program participants matched to rotation assignments?

Assignments are made by the Job Rotation Program based on the interests and skill sets of the rotators, the needs of the units, as well as other considerations. Units who agree to host a rotation employee provide information that is used to match rotators to unit needs. Hosting units also have an opportunity to meet and spend time with the rotator you are assigned before their start date.

May we host a rotation employee for more than six months if needed?

No. The four, six-month rotations completed by each rotation employee are vital to their professional development and their well-rounded understanding of university operations. We also use the rotations to make sure that every individual has experience in work environments representing a variety of sizes, cultures, and scopes.

What types of support do hosting units receive from the Job Rotation Program?

The Job Rotation Program staff is dedicated to ensuring that every rotation employee and every hosting unit has a successful experience. Program staff are available to help with orientation, transitions, supervisory issues, mentoring and more. As program managers handle leave time requests, performance management, and other personnel issues, supervisors are able to devote their time to the business needs of the unit. In addition, rotation employees receive professional development as a cohort, enabling them to bring additional value to the hosting units.

As a hosting unit, how much involvement would we have in evaluating the rotation employee?

Performance evaluations are conducted at mid- and end points of each rotation. These evaluations are conducted by the Job Rotation Program managers. Site supervisors at the hosting units will be asked for their input.

Would our unit have the option of hiring a rotation employee we have hosted after they complete the program?

Yes. The Job Rotation Program prepares participants to transition into permanent roles at UW‒Madison following program completion. We work with each rotation employee and hiring managers to find potential opportunities. Ultimately, it is up to each rotator to determine their interest and transition to their new role at UW‒Madison. Many rotation employees receive multiple offers for permanent employment from UW‒Madison central, non-academic, and academic units, so there is no guarantee that a rotator will return to your unit after completing the program.

Hosting Units

Here are some examples of divisions and departments that have hosted Job Rotation Program employees.

  • Athletic Department
  • Administrative Transformation Program (ATP), Finance Strategy Team
  • Business Services, Disbursement Services
  • Business Services, Financial Information Management
  • Division of Enrollment Management
  • College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS)
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Letters & Science (L&S)
  • Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M)
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA)
  • VCFA, Model UW
  • Office of Human Resources (OHR), Administrative Services Unit
  • OHR, Benefits Services
  • OHR, Compensation Center of Excellence
  • OHR, HR Operations
  • OHR, Learning and Talent Development
  • OHR, Payroll Services
  • OHR, Talent Acquisition
  • OHR, Workforce Relations
  • Research and Sponsored Programs
  • School of Human Ecology (SoHE)
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH)
  • SMPH, Carbone Cancer Center
  • University Housing
  • UW Police Department (UWPD)
  • Wisconsin School of Business
  • Wisconsin School of Business, Business Services

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