University of Wisconsin–Madison

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Basics

What are the goals of this program?

The goals are to develop exceptional early-career talent through focused career paths, and help qualified program graduates equip themselves for permanent roles here at UW–Madison.

How long will the program last?

The Job Rotation Program is two years in length. Program participants are hired into full-time, fixed-term appointments and are eligible for benefits.

When does the Job Rotation Program Start?

The program starts in July each year.

Will I be a full-time employee during the program (i.e. receive paid leave, benefits, etc.)?

Yes, this position is a full-time Academic Staff appointment and is eligible for UW–Madison employee benefits.

Job Rotations

How many rotations will I go through, and how long will each rotation be?

Rotation employees go through four rotations, each six months in length. The program is designed to provide intentional exposure to different units on campus, including central, academic, and auxiliary units.

What are some rotation assignment examples?

Here is a list of current and/or recent rotations.

Human Resources:

  • Recruitment Specialist — Talent Recruitment & Engagement, Office of Human Resources
  • Payroll & Benefits Specialist — Payroll & Benefits, Office of Human Resources


  • Gift Management — Business Services
  • Campuswide financial analysis projects — Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration

Will I get to choose which rotations I go through or will they be assigned?

We work to match you with opportunities that align with your interests and career passions. In addition, we assign rotations to make sure that every individual has experience and exposure to both central and academic units.

Working with Others

Who will I report to?

Rotation employees report to the Job Rotation Program Manager for the duration of the program. There will also be an Assignment Supervisor in each rotation who will manage your day-to-day work in that rotation.

Will there be others in the program along with me?

Yes, we hire and onboard rotation employees as a cohort—a group of individuals that are hired into the Job Rotation Program at the same time. Though you will each be in different rotation assignments, the cohort will attend the program orientation together, have regular meetups, and participate in group professional development opportunities. This provides an opportunity to build a network and form relationships with other professionals with similar career interests.

Will there be opportunities for mentorship?

Yes, once you’ve started the Job Rotation Program you’ll have many mentoring opportunities throughout the two-year program.

Growing as a Professional

Will there be opportunities for professional development?

Yes, professional development is a key part of this experience. Key business and technical skills are identified for each of your rotation assignments. You’ll work with the Job Rotation Program Manager and your Assignment Supervisor to develop a personalized development plan.

In addition, there are planned professional development opportunities for the cohort group. These provide an opportunity to build relationships with others in the program and have shared experiences.  Some other key parts of this experience are exposure to leaders across campus to grow your professional network, and access to and ongoing meetings with a career counselor.

Will I be offered a full-time permanent position after completing the program?

This program will set you up for success to obtain a full-time position after the two years. You’ll meet quarterly with a career counselor to help plan your path. We will work with each rotation employee and hiring managers to find potential opportunities; ultimately, it is up to each individual to determine their interest and apply for their next role.