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What is a Salary Structure?

A salary structure is the framework to determine how employees are paid at UW–Madison.

Jobs with similar pay in the market are assigned the same salary grade.

Example: a job in finance, a job in advising, and a job in technology may have similar pay in the market. These jobs are assigned to the same salary grade with the same salary minimum and maximum.

Salary Grade Salary Range
15 $ Minimum – $ Maximum
16 $ Minimum – $ Maximum
17 $ Minimum – $ Maximum
18 $ Minimum – $ Maximum
19 $ Minimum – $ Maximum
20 $ Minimum – $ Maximum
21 $ Minimum – $ Maximum
22 $ Minimum – $ Maximum


Salary Structure: A salary structure provides a framework to determine how employees are paid.

Salary Grade: A salary structure is made up of salary grades. Jobs in the same salary grade have similar pay in the market.

Salary Range: Each salary grade has a salary range that includes a minimum and a maximum. A job is paid between the minimum and maximum of its salary grade.

UW–Madison’s new salary structure

Helps the university attract, retain, and reward employees

Reflects pay in the market

Takes into account UW’s organizational structure

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