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Salary Structure

UW–Madison developed a market-informed title and salary structure to attract, retain, and reward employees as a result of the Title and Total (TTC) Compensation Project. Every university job has been assigned to a salary grade in the salary structure.

The Title and Standard Job Description Library includes all salary ranges, standard job descriptions and titles for every job at the university.

Salary Ranges

Job assigned to salary grades 15–35 are the new salary structure that was created during the TTC Project.

Salary ranges can be viewed annually or hourly using the options below.

Employees paid over nine months can view their salary range by clicking Academic (9-month) Salary or Academic (9-month) Hourly buttons below.

Other Salary Ranges

Salary grades 51–99 are not included in the new salary structure for the TTC Project. These salary ranges remain the same. Board of Regents policies, trades negotiations, and faculty data are a few examples of factors that may influence the salary ranges listed below. There is no uniform organization to these grades. The university will continue to evaluate these factors in its long-term compensation strategy.


Salary Structure: A salary structure provides a framework to determine how employees are paid.

Salary Grade: A salary structure is made up of salary grades. Jobs in the same salary grade have similar pay in the market.

Salary Range: Each salary grade has a salary range that includes a minimum and a maximum. A job is paid between the minimum and maximum of its salary grade.


Frequently Asked Questions

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