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Supporting Development

You can support career management by coaching employees and creating a plan to achieve career-related goals. Consider your employees’ individual skills, strengths, and professional goals, and align them with UW–Madison strategic plans.

Informal and formal career conversations

The steps you need to prepare for a career conversation with your employee.

Build a trusting relationship
Get to know your employee
Learn about their strengths and interests

Student services coordinator Mo O'Connor (dark shirt) consults with undergraduate student.

Career & professional development goals

Be inclusive of work and career goals.

Customize goals for each employee
Bridge performance and career goals
Follow up and hold employees accountable
Be transparent with your team

Araceli Alonso, senior lecturer in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teaches during her WS535: Women's Global Health and Human Rights course in Sterling Hall.

UW–Madison employee career support services

UW–Madison offers a variety of services and resources to support career growth for employees.

Professional development options
Career counseling for employees
Employee Assistance Office
Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity

Chancellor Becky Blank, Tori Seymour of Office of Human Resources, and keynote speaker, Sarah Gibson chat before UW-Madison Employee Career Conference at Union South.

Policies and procedures for career and professional development

Employee learning & development policy
Reimbursement request for career-related training
Employee training assistance procedures

Pedestrians walk in the foreground as tree foliage begins to take on a golden hue on Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during autumn.

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