University of Wisconsin–Madison

Policies and Procedures

When you have access to resources and policies from UW–Madison and are supported in your efforts by supervisors and leadership, you can be engaged, find growth, and achieve goals throughout your career at UW–Madison.


Engaged employees feel valued by their organization. Using self-assessment, exploration, and career planning tools to create developmental goals, an engaged employee takes pride in their work. These goals can then be integrated into performance management and aligned with organizational needs with support from unit leadership.


Employees at all levels will have the opportunity to grow skills through appropriate formal and informal training. Supervisors help employees go “above and beyond” by supporting on-the-job learning opportunities where engaged employees can build skills through experience.


As engaged employees develop skills and gain experience, they become ready to take on new responsibilities or roles within UW–Madison. When employees achieve their goals they are able to find opportunities that stretch their abilities and become fully engaged in their long-term career development.

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