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Ready to Retire

Are you a UW–Madison employee who might retire within the next 5 years? Learn the process for retiring from UW–Madison—from giving notice, to choosing your pension design, to your insurance options and costs following the end of your employment.

You must attend this session before you have a personalized Benefits at Retirement appointment with a UW–Madison Benefits Specialist.

Topics include:

  • What is the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)?
  • Retiree health insurance and how you’ll pay for it
  • Other insurance at end of employment
  • How does Medicare coordinate with your future retiree health plan?
  • Your pension: how is it calculated and how may it change year by year?

All employees are welcome to attend this session, but if you are more than 5 years from retirement, you may prefer to attend Starting to Save or Mid-Career Retirement Check-In.

If you are unable to attend a Ready to Retire session, please use the resources available on this website and the recorded video of Ready to Retire.


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