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Starting to Save

Are you a UW–Madison employee who is 15-30 years from retirement? It’s important that you start thinking about your retirement now so you are prepared for your future. Learn how the choices you make today can affect your income and insurance options as a retiree.

Topics include:

  • How investing now can mean a significantly higher retirement income compared to waiting even just a few more years
  • A review of the three retirement plans offered to our employees
  • Free and reduced-cost resources (to help you find a few extra dollars to save)
  • How the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) pension program is calculated and what you can do to increase your future pension
  • What happens to your money if your employment ends before retirement age?
  • Pros and cons to saving your sick leave for retiree insurance credit versus using it now when ill

All employees are welcome to attend this session, but if you are close to retirement, you may prefer to attend Mid-Career Retirement Check-In or Ready to Retire.


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