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Workplace Well-being for Managers and Supervisors

Managers and supervisors are uniquely positioned to model, promote, and support a culture of well-being. UW–Madison provides resources that can help you and your staff create and sustain a safe and healthy workplace.

In your daily practices and departmental planning, you can model healthy behaviors, establish well-being traditions, and encourage employees to engage in well-being activities. Read more in our Managers and Supervisors Guide to Well-being at Work.

Supporting Employee Mental Health

Supporting Employee Mental Health includes resources to help managers and mentors care for their own mental health while supporting the mental health of their students and employees.

Know Your Campus Health and Well-Being Resources

Familiarize yourself with the various resources on campus so that you can encourage employee participation, lead others toward a healthy culture, and support a culture of well-being.

Newsletter Provides Quick Tips

The EAO News for Managers provides user-friendly advice on dealing with a variety of workplace issues and working effectively with your Employee Assistance Office.

Schedule a Consultation or Presentation

If you are interested in scheduling an initial consultation or presentation to support your well-being efforts, please email


Group workshops are available on the following topics from the Employee Assistance Office.

  • Fostering a positive work environment
  • Coaching for difficult conversations
  • Self-care
  • Recognize, Respond, and Refer Suicide Prevention Training
  • Imposter syndrome

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