University of Wisconsin–Madison

Well-being at UW

Living a Healthy Life

Maintain or improve your well-being with the help of the resources available to you at UW–Madison.

Maintaining Financial Well-being

Establish a strong financial foundation and minimize financial stress with the help of financial management tools and resources. Benefits programs for UW employees are designed to help you save for college education and retirement.

Developing Personally and Professionally

UW–Madison offers a variety of resources to help you develop new skills, identify opportunities for personal growth, and manage your career.

Focusing on Relationships

Strong relationships with family and friends contribute to individual well-being. UW–Madison offers benefits programs and on-site amenities to help you enjoy quality time with family members and others.

Connecting to Society and Community

Through stewardship of our community and our environment, we contribute to our own well-being and that of others. We can also embody The Wisconsin Idea, a guiding philosophy at UW–Madison.

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