University of Wisconsin–Madison

Mental and Emotional Health

Mental health resources on campus help you practice mindfulness, develop resilience, and maintain emotional well-being.

Consult an On-Campus Expert

Confidential one-on-one services are available at no cost to UW–Madison employees who wish to discuss personal or professional issues. Early consultations—when you or a coworker begins to experience a concern—will offer greater flexibility for achieving success.

UW–Madison provides two complementary resources to support employees in managing challenges and conflicts in the workplace, the Employee Assistance Office and the The Ombuds Office.

Employee Assistance Office Ombuds Office
Confidentiality Provide confidentiality to all visitors and do not retain formal records of visitor contacts.
No Cost Provide services at no cost to the employee. Employees may use work time for appointments.
Eligibilty Any UW–Madison employee, including student employees and postdocs, their family members, or significant others. Any UW–Madison employee, including student employees and postdocs.
Staff Licensed counselors with background and training that includes organizational development/leadership. Familiar with UW–Madison policies and procedures. Retired faculty, academic, and university staff with extensive on-campus experience to provide a collective team perspective. Familiar with UW–Madison policies and procedures.
Meetings Counseling appointments can be made by phone or email. Currently, counseling sessions are offered via video call (Teams, Webex, or Zoom), phone call, or video phone appointment at our private, confidential office space in the Lowell Center. Consultation can occur across campus at the division or college making the requests. Assistance may be provided by telephone or meetings may be scheduled at a time and location convenient to the employee and the Ombuds.

Mindfulness Resources

  • Meditation classes offered by University Health Services are free and open to faculty, students, and staff on a drop-in basis.
  • Several UW–Madison schools, colleges, and divisions offer regularly scheduled meditation sessions. Check with your local Well-being Champion or wellness committee to inquire about a session near you.
  • The StayWell Meditation Challenge invites you to experience the benefits of mindfulness.

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