University of Wisconsin–Madison


Twelve members of the UW–Madison community—faculty, academic staff, and university staff—have volunteered to serve as points of contact for those who have experienced, have witnessed, or have questions about hostile and intimidating behavior.

Their role is to listen to those with questions and concerns and direct individuals to appropriate resources on campus.

Liaisons have been identified based on their trustworthiness, their ability to maintain confidence, their knowledge of and sensitivity to issues of hostile and intimidating behavior, and their knowledge of campus policies and procedures. They have received training to help them understand the dynamics of hostile and intimidating behavior.

The twelve liaisons are listed below, along with their contact information. Translation and interpretation services can be made available.

Tom Browne

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Minority Student Affairs


Angela Byars-Winston

Professor of Internal Medicine

Tricia Droes

Human Resources Manager, College of Engineering


Riley Garcia

General Manager, Sett Pub


Union South

Anna Lewis

Senior Librarian, School of Education


368B Teacher Education Building

Ruth Litovsky

Professor of Communication Science Disorders

Mark Louden

Professor of German, Nordic, and Slavic

Scott Mellor

Faculty Associate, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic


1310 Van Hise Hall

Amy Rettammel

Office of Clinical Trials


School of Medicine and Public Health

Carmen Romero-González

Director, Cultural Linguistic Services


Office of Human Resources
English and Spanish

Amy Wendt



Electrical and Computer Engineering