University of Wisconsin–Madison

Campus Resources

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is committed to preventing hostile and intimidating behavior, and will take prompt and appropriate corrective action whenever it learns that it has occurred. You are encouraged to report incidents or concerns to your human resources representative, supervisor, manager, department chair, director, or dean, as appropriate under the informal and formal processes.

Employees can request interpretation and translation assistance calling Cultural Linguistic Services:

  • 608-265-0838 (English)
  • 608-265-1489 (Español/Spanish)
  • 608-263-2217 (Hmoob/Hmong)
  • 608-890-2545 (བོད་ཡིག/Tibetan)
  • 608-890-2628 (中文/Chinese)

You can contact any of the campus administrative offices identified here for advice, consultation, and support.

Office for Equity and Diversity

Luis Pinero, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Workforce Equity/Director
179A Bascom Hall, 608-263-2378

The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) is available to provide advice and support having to do with hostile and intimidating behavior, along with other forms of discrimination or prohibited harassment.

Office of the Provost

Michael Bernard-Donals, Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff
125 Bascom Hall, 608-262-9314

Employee Assistance Office

Sherry Boeger, Director
226 Lowell Center, 608-263-2987

Ombuds Office

Contact 608-265-9992 or
223-225 Lowell Center, 610 Langdon Street

Dean of Students Office

(For students)
Contact 263-5700 or

Graduate School

Amy Kuether, Director of Academic Services
265-0519 or

Office of Workforce Relations

Patrick Sheehan, Director of Workforce Relations
21 North Park Street, 608-262-3927 or

The Office of Workforce Relations serves the University community by promoting mutual respect, encouraging a positive work environment, and assisting in resolving workplace issues through proactive intervention. The Office of Workforce Relations provides information and support based on University policy and practice, and assists individuals when considering the best course of action for their specific situation.

Office of Postdoctoral Studies

1210 Health Sciences Learning Center
Contact 608-265-6225 or

Office of the Secretary of the Faculty

133 Bascom Hall
Contact 608-265-4562 or

Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff

270 Bascom Hall
Contact 608-263-1011 or

The Office of Compliance

361 Bascom Hall
Contact 608-265-6018 or

Employee Organizations

Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA)
The workplace issues contact is the Contract Enforcement Committee,

AFSCME 2412 for administrative support:
AFSCME 171 for blue-collar and technical positions: