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HIB Policy and Process Training for our Community

All employees of UW-Madison are encouraged to participate in Hostile and/or Intimidating Behavior (HIB) Policy and Process Training. In this case-based workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the campus HIB policies
  • Work with a number of scenarios to help identify what hostile and/or intimidating behavior is (and isn’t)
  • Review campus processes and campus resources to address concerning workplace behavior
  • Consider your shared responsibility when witnessing or hearing about incidents of hostile and/or intimidating behavior.

The free training is designed for faculty, staff, graduate-student employees, and postdocs. Sessions are available in two formats. Individuals can register for asynchronous, online learning through Canvas or select a scheduled synchronous, facilitated workshop offered on Zoom. Both formats are approximately two-hours and available in the employee course catalog.


Upcoming Trainings

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Scheduled synchronous HIB Policy and Process employee workshops are paused through September 2024 to allow for review and revision of content and necessary policy updates. Asynchronous – self-guided and self-paced – HIB Policy and Process employee learning will continue to be available. To register for asynchronous learning, please click on the red “Register” button.

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