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EID Principles

The EID principles give us consistent visions, language, expectations, and methods to work toward EID goals. They also guide us as we create healthy, inclusive, and engaging workplaces on campus.

The VCFA EID council, EID committees, VCFA directors, and campus partners worked together to create the EID principles.

Promote Shared Responsibility and Accountability

  • We create an environment where all employees understand the value of engagement, inclusion and diversity and how they can help improve the workplace.
  • We expect UW–Madison employees at all levels to support, model, and hold each other accountable to EID principles and strategies.

Promote, Enhance, and Leverage Diversity

  • We work to diversify and enhance our workforce.
  • We build on the diversity of our workforce to leverage the unique experiences and strengths our employees bring to UW–Madison.
  • We encourage conversations about differences. Taking time to appreciate our differences helps us do our work. We can all participate fully when we work in a culture that values external and internal differences.

Create an Inclusive Culture and Community

  • We create a culture that focuses on inclusion and trust, so people feel they can bring all parts of themselves to work.
  • We cultivate an inclusive work community where employees know their work is important to the success of UW–Madison.

Foster Communication and Mutual Understanding

  • We encourage clear, open, and consistent communication among all members of the UW–Madison work community.
  • We believe effective communication helps groups do their best work and helps create healthy work relationships. When team members trust and understand each other, it is easier for them to open up, give feedback, set goals, evaluate results, take creative risks, and participate in collaborative processes.

Provide and Foster Growth and Development

  • We create opportunities for ongoing learning and development so employees can grow in their roles and interact with their colleagues in meaningful ways.
  • We expect employees to participate and engage in opportunities to explore their own self-awareness, their impact on others, and their roles at UW–Madison.

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