University of Wisconsin–Madison


Please contact any of the following resources for ongoing support with EID initiatives at UW–Madison.

VCFA EID Council

The VCFA EID Council serves as an advisory group to the VCFA on EID issues and practices. Departments and unit representatives are welcome to connect with EID council members for additional support.

EID Coordinator

The EID Coordinator, Susan Degrand (, is available to recommend additional resources and provide consultative support around EID work and initiatives to units and divisions.

EID Community of Practice

The EID Community of Practice (CoP) provides a space for EID practitioners across campus and in the community to reflect and process their work around EID, to share best practices, and to learn from each other. The EID CoP is open to anyone engaged with EID-related initiatives and programs. To learn more and to get involved, please subscribe to the EID CoP listserve by emailing For general information about the EID CoP, please contact Tamie Klumpyan (

EID Committees

EID Committees across campus may serve as a resource to other EID practitioners.

Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA)

The Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA), under the direction of Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer Patrick J. Sims, supports the mission of the University of Wisconsin–Madison as it works to create a diverse, inclusive and excellent learning and work environment for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners at the university. DDEEA accomplishes this work centered in the core values of community, inclusion, organizational excellence, transparency, accountability, and social justice. DDEEA uses collaboration, leadership and seeding of new initiatives, consultative advice, and the coordination of numerous institutional initiatives to support Campus, Wisconsin and the world.

Office of Equity and Diversity (OED)

The Office of Equity and Diversity (OED), a unit within the Division of Diversity, Equity, & Educational Achievement, promotes, integrates, and transfers equity and diversity principles to nurture human resources and advance the mission of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The OED employs multiple approaches to attain its strategic objectives, including:

  • Providing leadership and consultation to develop and implement equity and diversity strategies throughout the campus;
  • Promoting the use of standardized and proactive human resources processes;
  • Nurturing human resources through the effective use of continuous improvement principles;
  • Establishing collaborative partnerships with schools, colleges, and divisions; and
  • Coordinating campus compliance with affirmative action and equal opportunity requirements, referred to as AA/EEO compliance

Cultural Linguistic Services (CLS)

Cultural Linguistic Services (CLS) offers services designed to enhance communication, cultural understanding, and learning in our diverse, multilingual work environment. For information about services available through Cultural Linguistic Services, contact Carmen Romero González ( or 608-265-4691).