University of Wisconsin–Madison

Antiracism and Healing

There’s a critical need to move beyond traditional conversations of diversity, equity and inclusion that focus on business outcomes. Current policies, systems and environments disproportionately impact many marginalized groups on campus and in broader communities. Leading with and centering race is not intended to negate this. This approach acknowledges that race remains the most prominent and consistent factor in differentiated opportunities in employment, well-being and overall success. This illustrates that institutional and systemic racism exists and continues to persist   which requires us to critically think about how race intersects with all identities and forms of power and oppression.

Racism has a cost for everyone. Addressing racism and working toward antiracism is critical to our communities’ collective healing and well-being.

Antiracism and Activism

Antiracism and activism | Learn more about what antiracism is and engage with resources to transform your learning into action.


Healing and Care

Healing and care | Confronting racism requires us to acknowledge and grapple with our collective pain, trauma and healing needed to move forward. Learn more about why centering healing and care is critical to becoming an antiracist and healthy organization.

“Seeing the humanity in others is at the heart of antiracism.”Unknown