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Healing and Transformation

Current policies, systems and environments can produce pain and trauma for many marginalized groups on campus and across our  broader communities. Confronting these systems of oppression requires us to hold spaces for healing. The process of healing allows us to acknowledge and grapple with present inequities and work towards collective transformational change.


Antiracism |Antiracism is the practice of actively opposing racism. Racism has a cost for everyone. Addressing racism and working toward antiracism is critical to our communities’ collective healing and well-being. Learn more about what antiracism is, how to confront racism, and engage with resources to transform your learning into action.


Restorative Justice

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Collective Accountability

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Healing and Care

Healing and care | Confronting systems of oppression requires us to acknowledge and grapple with our collective pain, trauma and healing needed to move forward. Learn more about why centering healing and care is critical to becoming a healthy, equitable and just organization.

Transformational Change

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“Seeing the humanity in others is at the heart of antiracism.”Unknown

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