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Learning and professional development are central to our mission as an educational institution, and elevated through equity and well-being efforts. In coordination with partners across campus, the Office of Human Resources aims to provide relevant and responsive employee learning, professional development, and resources. Employee learning is offered to individuals, teams and units all in an effort to co-create the learning, living and working environments where all can thrive.

Through partnership and intentional collaboration on campus, we leverage the collective knowledge, contributions and experiences of staff and faculty to foster and invite greater awareness, learning, unlearning, relearning and skill development to meet shared institutional and individual equity, inclusion and well-being goals.

Learning that centers equity, diversity, inclusion and employee well-being shows up in many different ways — individually, interpersonally and institutionally. The offerings listed are not all inclusive, as there are multiple opportunities and entry points for learning and development on campus.

Individual learning

Individual learning includes self-guided training, podcasts and more.



Interpersonal learning

Interpersonal learning refers to learning with others, or in a group.



Institutional learning

Institutional learning involves campus-wide and organizational learning opportunities, such as conferences, workshops, etc.


“We define learning as the transformative process of taking in information that, when internalized and mixed with what we have experienced, changes what we know and builds on what we can do. It’s based on input, process, and reflection. It is what changes us.”Marcia Conner

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