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Communities play a central role in the human experience and serve as an entry for relationship-building. Strong communities provide critical points of connection and contribute to our values of belonging, care, collaboration, growth, and transformation.

   Communities of Practice

Communities of practice (CoPs) are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and seek to learn how to do it better through regular interaction. CoPs share three common elements: Domain, Community and Practice.

   BIPOC Employee Network

The BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Employee Network is a group of campus employees focused on improving the overall work experience of BIPOC employees at UW–Madison through raising awareness of issues that impact BIPOC employees, advocacy and community-building.


  BIWOC Employee Gatherings

The BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, and Womxn of Color) Employee Gatherings is designed for BIWOC women who work on campus at UW–Madison.


  Professional and Support  Networks

Our professional and personal lived experiences are informed and deeply impacted by the many social identities that we hold. Connect with identity-based professional and support networks that operate locally and nationally.


   Learning Communities

Learning Communities for Institutional Change & Excellence are academic-year and semester-long dialogue-based groups that hold space for participants to engage effectively in a globally connected world.


   Office of Inclusion Education Social Justice Hub

The Social Justice Hub is committed to connecting students and employees to all social justice-related initiatives in our community through professional and volunteer opportunities, educational and dialogue-based events, comprehensive social justice resources and intentional partnerships on campus and in the community.

  QTBIPOC Employee Gatherings

QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color) Employee Gatherings are spaces designed for QTBIPOC Employees with the purpose of cultivating community spaces to discuss shared experiences, and support QTBIPOC employees on campus.


   The OutPages Directory

The OutPages Directory seeks to foster professional relationships and mentoring opportunities through engaging LGBTQ+ faculty and staff in the creation of online searchable profiles.


“If we are going to survive, we must build communities of caring and connection.”Cecile Andrews

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