University of Wisconsin–Madison

QTBIPOC Employee Gatherings


QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color) Employee Gatherings occur once a semester and are spaces designed to engage, support, and bring together QTBIPOC Employees on campus. The goal of these spaces is to cultivate a community rooted in shared experiences, unity, collaboration, support and connection. These spaces do not have formal agendas and are structured as spaces focused on belonging, self and collective care and employee well-being.


QTBIPOC Employee Gatherings were established in June 2023 after a group of QTBIPOC Employees on campus identified the need to have spaces that amplify mutual and collective care, community and support. The first ever QTBIPOC Employee Gathering was a community picnic in July 2023 at Allen Centennial Garden.


To learn more about the QTBIPOC Employee Gatherings or to support the group’s efforts, please contact

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