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Administrative Director

Job Group: Administration
Job Subgroup: Administrative Services
Salary Range (Annual): Scaled (expand for details)
Employee Category: Limited
Job Code: AD004
  • Job Summary:
    Plans and provides direction for the administrative operations of a division or business unit(s) of the institution to advance program goals and objectives.
  • Job Responsibilities:
    • Directs, implements, and monitors strategic planning initiatives to ensure appropriate use of financial, administrative, and staffing resources
    • Recommends, reviews, and directs personnel resource allocation to ensure appropriate utilization of resources
    • Supervises managerial, professional, and support staff of the unit or division and facilitates unit staff developmental opportunities
    • Serves as the unit liaison to internal and external stakeholder groups providing organizational information and representing the interests of the unit
    • Develops and audits administrative operating reports, budgets, policies, and procedures to comply with regulations, institution policies, and business objectives
    • Exercises supervisory authority, including hiring, transferring, suspending, promoting, managing conduct and performance, discharging, assigning, rewarding, disciplining, and/or approving hours worked of at least 2.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • Education:
    Bachelor's Degree Preferred Minimum
  • FLSA Status:
  • Institution Job:
  • Required Supervisory Duty of at Least 2.0 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees:
  • Employee Category:
  • Scaled Job:
  • Salary Range (Annual):
    • 27: $84,800-173,360
    • 26: $77,100-157,630 (B)
    • 25: $70,100-143,330 (C)
  • Job Code:
    • AD004: Administrative Director
    • AD048: Administrative Director (B)
    • AD057: Administrative Director (C)
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