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Project Program Manager

Job Group: Administration
Job Subgroup: Project Management and Quality Improvement
Salary Range (Annual): Scaled (expand for details)
Employee Category: Academic Staff
Job Code: AD025
  • Job Summary:
    Coordinates management of multiple related projects and/or ongoing operations, which are directed toward a common objective. Monitors the cost, schedule, and performance of component projects and operations while working to ensure the ultimate success of the program.
  • Job Responsibilities:
    • Creates a program plan and structure, monitors progress and performance against the program plan, and identifies, resolves, or escalates program risks and issues
    • Leads and manages efforts to determine and coordinate the sharing of resources among component projects to the overall benefit of the program
    • Manages the activities of outside contractors and vendors to ensure they are integrated into the program and that the organization receives satisfactory standards of service
    • Facilitates the estimation of program costs, resources, and time required to complete the overall program, monitors activities and budgets, directs and leads component project manager activities for consistency and alignment, and works with program leadership to ensure these targets are met. Follows established change control processes if targets can no longer be met
    • Prepares regular reports to communicate the status of the program within and beyond the program team, communicates program goals, risks, and status with program executive level, program sponsors, and stakeholders, and develops and uses appropriate dashboards, measures, and reporting tools
    • Sets priorities, allocates tasks, and collaborates with project staff to meet program targets and milestones. Manages the change control process and acts as the mid-level decision making authority
  • Education:
    Bachelor's Degree Preferred Minimum
  • FLSA Status:
  • Institution Job:
  • Required Supervisory Duty of at Least 2.0 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees:
  • Employee Category:
    Academic Staff
  • Scaled Job:
  • Salary Range (Annual):
    • 27: $84,800-173,360
    • 26: $77,100-157,630 (B)
    • 25: $70,100-143,330 (C)
  • Job Code:
    • AD025: Project Program Manager
    • AD051: Project Program Manager (B)
    • AD060: Project Program Manager (C)
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