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Job Group: Administration
Job Subgroup: Administrative Services
Salary Range (Annual): 15: $31,200-63,800
Employee Category: University Staff
Job Code: AD027
  • Job Summary:
    Directs and implements room scheduling processes and procedures.
  • Job Responsibilities:
    • Manages scheduling process for meetings, conferences, classes, seminars, and appointments
    • May plan, work with, and select facilities vendors
    • May plan logistics and negotiate contract(s) for facilities, transportation, printing, food and beverage, audiovisual, entertainment, and other providers
    • May prepare materials relating to the event
  • Education:
    H.S. Diploma Preferred Minimum
  • FLSA Status:
  • Institution Job:
  • Required Supervisory Duty of at Least 2.0 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees:
  • Employee Category:
    University Staff
  • Scaled Job:
  • Salary Range (Annual):
    15: $31,200-63,800
  • Job Code:
    AD027: Scheduler
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