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Clinical Counselor

Job Group: Health and Wellness Services
Job Subgroup: Health Services Professional
Salary Range (Annual): 23: $58,000-118,360
Employee Category: Academic Staff
Job Code: HS013
  • Job Summary:
    Evaluates patient mental and physical health and establishes and evaluates treatment plans in a clinical, research, or public health and safety setting to promote health and wellness. May instruct students and support community education.
  • Job Responsibilities:
    • Evaluates mental and physical health and behavior and treatment readiness; and develops, coordinates, and disseminates treatment plans for clients and their families in collaboration with medical professionals
    • Completes reports related to clinical treatment, patient planning, and/or medical care according to established policies and procedures
    • Teaches clients and support systems about disorders and helps develop strategies to cope with mental and physical health and behavior problems
    • Recommends referrals, schedules logistics, and secures resources for clients to receive medical care or various program assistance to help clients live and work more independently
    • Facilitates community education programs and/or support groups to help individuals and community members understand the needs and abilities of people with disabilities
    • Provides training and guidance to students or interns as needed
  • Education:
    Master's Degree Required
  • FLSA Status:
  • Institution Job:
  • Required Supervisory Duty of at Least 2.0 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees:
  • Employee Category:
    Academic Staff
  • Scaled Job:
  • Salary Range (Annual):
    23: $58,000-118,360
  • Job Code:
    HS013: Clinical Counselor
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