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Researcher II

Job Group: Research
Job Subgroup: Research
Salary Range (Annual): 63: $53,103 (Minimum)
Employee Category: Academic Staff
Job Code: RE041
  • Job Summary:
    Provides research expertise to fundamental and applied scientific research and solves problems in research development and applications to support the advancement of research.
  • Job Responsibilities:
    • Collects and analyzes increasingly complex research data, conducts experiments and interviews, and documents results according to established policies and procedures
    • Conducts literature reviews, prepares reports and materials, co-authors publications, and disseminates information to appropriate entities
    • Trains individuals and groups on equipment operations, research protocols, and techniques within a specialized laboratory or research area
    • Develops and implements increasingly complex research methodologies, procedures, and criteria
    • Reviews and edits protocols to ensure accuracy, thoroughness, and consistency
    • Assists in developing grant applications and proposals to secure research funding
  • Education:
    Master's Degree Preferred Minimum
  • FLSA Status:
  • Institution Job:
  • Required Supervisory Duty of at Least 2.0 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees:
  • Employee Category:
    Academic Staff
  • Scaled Job:
  • Salary Range (Annual):
    63: $53,103 (Minimum)
  • Job Code:
    RE041: Researcher II
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