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COVID-19 Toolkit for HR Professionals

The information on this page is intended for UW–Madison Human Resources professionals.
Employees and students should visit the official UW–Madison COVID-19 website for campus updates and resources.

HR Reps Box

Find more topics in the COVID-19 HR Preparedness folder.
Read the HR Daily Digest for a recap of new information.

If you are a UW–Madison HR Professional and do not have access to this Box folder, contact


If you don’t see your HR issue or concern about COVID-19 addressed in this toolkit, please contact campus Workforce Relations.

Campus Resources

UW–Madison COVID-19 website

Information for Employees
Office of Human Resources

Travel FAQ

COVID-19 Leave Timesheet Entry
UW-Shared Services

Symptom Monitoring Guidance

Mental Health

Managing Fears and Anxiety
Employee Assistance Office

Our Common Humanity
Center for Healthy Minds

Respect Statement

COVID-19 is not specific to an ethnicity or race—disease does not discriminate. Racist behaviors or stereotyping are not tolerated at UW–Madison. To prevent stigma and discrimination in the workplace, do not make determinations of risk regarding COVID-19 based on race or country of origin, and be sure to maintain confidentiality of any people who are confirmed to have COVID-19.

Students who experience harassment or discrimination are encouraged to file a bias incident report.
Employees may file a complaint with the Office of Compliance.