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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Title and Total Compensation Project Launches Survey

TTC Launches brief survey

Employees are invited to take a two to three minute survey before Aug. 23 to improve Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project information. Your feedback will help shape the way the project provides communications and training. TTC is a campus-wide initiative to attract, reward and retain university employees by determining improvements to compensation and benefits. Take the survey at

Help us spread the word. Please share this information with your area. Feel free to use the above message when reaching out to your contacts or when discussing at any upcoming meetings.

Thank you! – TTC Project Team

If you have any questions, please email

Watch the recording of the TTC Project July Forum

The Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project July Forum is available online and includes:

    • Progress to date and next steps
    • Find out how the project will impact your position in the future

July Forum Video (YouTube)

00:00 – Welcome & Project Overview (Chief Human Resource Officer Mark Walters & TTC Consultant Shana Ullsvik)
04:23 – Important Project Clarifications & Timeline (TTC Consultant Shana Ullsvik)
08:00 – Standard Job Descriptions (TTC Manager Brian Steen)
14:48 – Position Descriptions (Compensation and Titling Director Meghan Owens)
21:09 – How Compensation Is Determined (Compensation and Titling Director Meghan Owens)
23:12 – Benefits Update (Director of Employee Services Diane Blaskowski)
33:41 – Learning Opportunities and Outreach (TTC Learning Specialist/Instructional Designer Tina Ngo)
39:13 – Wrap Up/Review (TTC Learning Specialist/Instructional Designer Tina Ngo)
43:20 – Questions and Answers (Q&A)

July Forum Presentation Slides (PDF)