University of Wisconsin–Madison

Employee Conversation Frequently Asked Questions

The Employee Manager Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are intended to equip managers and supervisors with information and responses to questions that employees may have during employee conversations about their new titles and position descriptions.

The FAQ address job title, position description, salary, and benefits questions. Please note, as employee conversations continue for all titles and will conclude by April 30, check with your local HR for their exact start dates.

In addition to this resource, learning opportunities are available to support managers and supervisors in the implementation of the TTC Project. Learn more here about online and in-person manager/supervisor trainings to help with TTC Project employee conversations. Online training provides a TTC Project overview and detailed information specific to managers. In person training prepares managers for employee conversations by practicing active listening, sharing TTC information and leading change.

Any questions can be sent to Thank you for your interest and support!