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After Dec. 8, this page will redirect to the Title and Standard Job Description Library. There, you can find salary structure resources, compensation resources, and more.

University of Wisconsin–Madison

TTC Project Adjusts Timeline in Response to COVID-19

Under the challenging circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project is working on a minimum three-month extension to the project timeline. Details will be shared once key decisions are finalized.

As planned, the Title and SJD Library remains frozen during this time period. TTC Project work will continue to create the internal UW processes required to support the new titling and compensation structure.

“We empathize with the strain that COVID-19 has on employees and their families. Our priority is to support employees as we navigate this unprecedented challenge and focus our attentions on keeping our campus healthy and safe,” said Chief Human Resource Officer and TTC Project Sponsor Mark Walters.

Employees may have several questions about the changing project timeline. As new information becomes available, the TTC Project Team will update content in the Resource Library and on the website. For COVID-19 updates continue to visit the campus website at

The TTC Project and leadership thanks all employees for their support and flexibility during these challenging times.