University of Wisconsin–Madison

TTC Project Implements November 7, 2021

Chief Human Resources Officer Mark Walters sent the following message today to university staff, academic staff, faculty and limited appointees.

UW–Madison Faculty and Staff,

During the past year’s challenges, employees have done an exceptional job supporting the university and its mission. We will establish a “new normal” this fall with most employees working on campus later this summer, allowing us to re-engage the campus community on large initiatives like the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project.

Last week in Inside UW and Working at UW we announced a fall implementation date for the TTC Project. In collaboration with UW System, we will proceed with implementing the TTC Project title and salary structure on November 7, 2021. The project will apply to academic staff, university staff, and limited appointees. Employees and supervisors (or local human resource units) will continue conversations to confirm job titles and position descriptions. Specific details regarding the conversations will vary among schools, colleges, and divisions as each area determines when the discussions are complete. However, all conversations must be complete by September 10, 2021. Employees may wish to check with their local human resources representative if they have questions.

Employees can expect to receive an official notification letter to confirm their new titles in October or early November. The new salary structure will be published in the fall before the November implementation date.

The TTC Project team looks forward to re-engaging the campus community with upcoming virtual employee forums on April 21-22. To date, the TTC Project has engaged thousands of employees through input sessions, work groups, surveys, and employee forums. The project will continue to engage employees throughout the process.

The TTC Project provides the university with improved strategies to attract, reward, advance, and retain employees. The project efforts will ensure a consistent job framework, maintain a market-informed salary structure, and recommend future benefits enhancements. The project also sets a foundation for the future-facing Administrative Transformation Program (ATP).

On behalf of the TTC Project and campus leadership, I would like to thank UW–Madison employees for their continued support as we implement this critical initiative in partnership with UW System.

Watch for future TTC Project information in campus publications such as Inside UW along with direct employee communications. For more information on the TTC Project, visit

Stay well,

Mark Walters
Chief Human Resources Officer
Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of Human Resources
University of Wisconsin–Madison