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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Title and Salary Structure Changes Coming This Fall

Chief Human Resources Officer Mark Walters sent the following message today to university staff, academic staff, and limited appointees.

UW–Madison Colleague,

On November 7, 2021, academic staff, university staff, and limited appointees will have updated job titles and new position descriptions. The university will also have a market-informed title and salary structure to attract, recruit, and retain a highly qualified workforce. These changes are a result of the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project.

Employee Conversations

More than 96 percent of employees have had a TTC conversation. Employees had conversations with their manager (or local human resources contact) to confirm their proposed job title, position description, and Fair Labor Standards Exemption (FLSA) status. If you did not have a conversation or have concerns, contact your local human resources department.

Title Notification Letters by Early November

Employees will receive a title notification letter from their local human resources unit by early November. The letter will confirm an employee’s job title, proposed business title, exemption status (hourly or salaried), and salary range. Base pay and benefits will not be reduced because of the TTC Project. Employees will also receive a link to the university’s new salary structure. The Salary Structure factsheet explains the general concepts of a salary structure, salary range, and salary grade.

Salary Structure Available November 1

The market-informed salary structure will be available for employees to view online. The title notification letter will include a link to the salary structure that will be available on November 1. The Title and Standard Job Description Library will be updated to include the new salary ranges for each standard job description.

New Titles, Salary Structure, and Position Descriptions Effective November 7

The university will have a new title and salary structure which will allow it to compete for top talent, retain its excellent employees, and stay current with the labor market. Human resource professionals will have better position data and will have processes to conduct market reviews to ensure the new structure remains current.

Job Title Appeals

Employees who believe their assigned standard job description does not match their current duties may submit a job title appeal.

November 7 – December 31: Division-Led Informal Appeals Process

Employees who disagree with their assigned TTC title can work with their supervisors and local human resources representatives to attempt to resolve any concerns in advance of the official appeals period that starts on November 22.

November 22 – December 31: Employees May Submit a Formal Appeal

Employees who are unable to resolve their concerns informally can submit an official appeal via an electronic system starting November 22. Placement of titles in the salary structure is not appealable.

An overview of the formal Job Title Appeals Process is available online. Prior to submitting a formal appeal, employees must attempt to resolve their concern with their immediate supervisor and local human resources department. Timeframes, instructions, a process overview, language services, and assistance with digital access will be communicated soon.

On behalf of the TTC Project and campus leadership, I would like to thank UW–Madison employees for their continued support as we implement this critical initiative.

For more information, employee resources, and to view the Standard Job Description Library, visit


Mark Walters

Chief Human Resources Officer