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After Dec. 8, this page will redirect to the Title and Standard Job Description Library. There, you can find salary structure resources, compensation resources, and more.

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Employees Letters Will Provide New Salary Ranges 

By November 1 academic staff, university staff, and limited appointees will receive a letter that will confirm their job title and new salary range. The letter will have a website link to the university’s new market-informed salary structure that will be published on November 1. These changes are a result of the Title and Total Compensation Project. If an employee’s current salary is below their new salary range, they will receive a pay increase effective November 7, 2021 to the minimum of their salary range. For all other employees, base pay will not change. 

To preview information in the letter, employees may review the Understanding the Title Notification Letter

The Title and Standard Job Description Library will also be updated on November 1 to include salary ranges for UW–Madison job titles. The factsheet on How UW Compares Pay to the Market describes the data used to create the new salary structure.

As a reminder, Human Resources will never ask for personal information via email (e.g. Social Security number, birth date).