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TTC Publishes New Salary Ranges

Chief Human Resources Officer Mark Walters sent the following message today to university staff, academic staff, and limited appointees. 

UW–Madison Colleague,

This November, we are launching the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project’s first phase. It has taken several years to study and create a title and salary structure that values employees based on pay rates for similar positions in peer institutions. As an initial step to implement the market-informed title and salary structure, the university has published the new salary ranges.

To view the new salary range associated with your updated title, visit At this time, you should have received a letter from your local human resources professional that confirms your updated title and salary range. If you have not received your letter, contact your local human resources professional.

All new titles and salary ranges become effective on November 7, 2021. The information below has more details.

New Salary Structure Matches to the Labor Market

For the first time, we are comparing titles and pay against other organizations both in higher education and the private sector to become a more competitive employer. It takes all employees working together to accomplish our mission as a world-class research institution. The university has reliable market data for faculty titles and salaries. Now we can do the same for academic staff, university staff and limited appointees. As a result of the new title and salary structure, the university can analyze market data to determine whether its pay and benefits are below, at, or above peers. This will allow UW–Madison to retain and hire the excellent employees required to run a world-class higher education institution.

Improvements Increase Transparency

The Title and Standard Job Description (SJD) Library has been updated to include all titles and salaries for every job at the university. For the first time, employees can search the library and filter jobs by the job group, subgroup, salary, employee category or title. While salary information has always been available to employees, it was not in one place. As a result of the TTC Project, the university has a consistent title structure, making it possible to create an interactive job library for all employees.

After November 7, 2021 / Second Phase

After the project is implemented on November 7, there will still be work ahead as we continue to evaluate the new titles and salaries. New processes will ensure titles and salaries remain competitive with other organizations. A new phase of benefits review will also begin.

The Title and SJD Library also lays a foundation for employee career growth. The library will continue to evolve in 2022 and beyond. This includes additional data such as employee knowledge, skills, or abilities for each TTC title. The library is open to the public so future job seekers can envision their career growth at the university.

Employees played a vital role in this multi-year project, attending forums, participating in conversations to confirm job titles and position description, providing feedback to shared governance representatives, and reviewing titles for accuracy. Thank you for your contributions.

I encourage you to learn more about the university’s salary structure. For more information about the TTC Project, visit

If you have questions about your letter, salary range, or title, contact your local human resources professional. You can find your local human resources department at


Mark Walters

Chief Human Resources Officer