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University of Wisconsin–Madison

TTC Job Title Appeals Extends to Feb. 4

Chief Human Resources Officer Mark Walters emailed the following message to academic staff, university staff and limited appointees. 


The Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project will extend the Job Title Appeals submission deadline to Friday, Feb. 4, 2022. This change is a result of feedback the project received from shared governance, including a formal Academic Staff Resolution, in addition to input received from employees. It is our aim that the extension will provide employees ample time to determine whether they need to appeal.

Employees may submit an appeal if they believe their new official job title and standard job description (SJD) do not match their current duties and another SJD better matches their duties. For more information about the Job Title Appeals process, visit

Informal Resolutions

Informal resolutions will also be extended as part of this process and are due by Friday, Jan. 28, 2022. Throughout this project, supervisors and staff have been encouraged to engage in conversations about titles and SJD. You may have already had a conversation with your supervisor to indicate your concerns about the assigned title. If so, you may consider this step complete. On the TTC Job Title Appeals form, employees simply need to check the box that they have requested to meet with their human resources (HR) division and supervisor and attempted to resolve their concerns. Documentation or a long narrative is not required. I hope this clarification aids employees who are concerned about preparing for an informal discussion.

New Titles

If employees feel that their title does not align with their current responsibilities and a new title does not exist, they should contact their local HR representative. HR professionals have a process to work with the project team to review TTC Project issues. More information will be communicated about the process for new titles and how it will impact employees.

If you have questions regarding the TTC Project or Job Title Appeals process, please contact your local HR representative.

Thank you for your engagement on this project and have a wonderful holiday season.


Mark Walters

Chief Human Resources Officer