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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Title and Total Compensation Study?

The Title and Total Compensation Study is a joint effort between University of Wisconsin System (UWS) and UW-Madison. The objectives of the study include:

  • Develop clearer and more competitive job title and compensation structures
  • Ensure job titles accurately reflect duties and responsibilities
  • Provide sustainable methods to maintain market-informed title and compensation structures
  • Build in career progression where it makes sense
  • Include job titles and compensation structures for academic, university, and limited staff
  • Review compensation for graduate students
  • Enhance recruitment and retention

How will the Study benefit employees at UW–Madison?

The Title and Total Compensation Study will result in relevant and market-informed titles, pay scales, and benefits/work-life and leave structures.

  • Employees will see how their job and title compares to positions across campus and at other organizations.
  • Employees will have clear guidelines to make informed choices about advancing in their careers at UW–Madison
  • Managers will have tools to make informed decisions about pay or promotional opportunities for their employees

Will the Study impact my pay and job security?

No employees will lose their jobs and base pay will not be reduced as a result of the Study. The study results will provide guidance on how to address market issues over time.

Who is guiding the Study at UW–Madison?

Interconnected Project Teams make up the UW–Madison project structure for the Title and Total Compensation Study. The UW–Madison project teams are working in conjunction with UW System and Mercer Consulting with the strategic guidance of an Advisory Council.

Who makes the final decisions about adopting the major design components of the Study?

The final decision makers for each major design component are the Executive Sponsors and the Board of Regents.

How long will it take to complete the Study?

There are five phases of the Title and Total Compensation Study. The Study timeline goes from February 2017 to March 2019.

How can I provide input on the Study?

As engagement strategies roll out, we will provide plenty of opportunities to ask questions and provide input (e.g., open forums, focus groups and webinars). Visit our forums page for opportunities to provide input on the Study. Employees can provide feedback directly via a dedicated email address ( Additionally, employees can direct their questions to Advisory Council members, shared governance members, and/or their HR Reps.

Is there a guide for understanding the terminology used in the Study?

Visit the Glossary of Terms page for definitions of key terms used in the Title and Total Compensation Study.