University of Wisconsin–Madison

TTC Fundamentals for HR Representatives

Image of employees having discussions while seated at round tables at a TTC Project Fundamentals Training

Session Materials

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These in-person training sessions offer the HR community knowledge about the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project in order to confidently answer questions, coach, and support employees and UW leaders. Learning objectives included:

  • Understand what a compensation philosophy is
  • Understand the job framework structure
  • List the steps taken within the TTC Project to create the current job framework
  • Explain what a standard job description is and the purpose of the standard job description
  • Identify what leveling is and how it relates to the TTC Project
  • Explain what market data is and how it relates to the TTC Project
  • Understand the concept of salary ranges and how they are created
  • Review the TTC overview and big picture
  • Identify common TTC terms, vocabulary, and definitions