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About the Title and Total Compensation Project

  • What was the TTC Study and why has the name changed to TTC Project?

    The Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Study was a one-year review of pay and benefit programs focused on reviewing the current job titles, compensation, and benefits programs. The TTC Study helped to identify what updates are needed in our programs. The transition to the TTC Project name demonstrates the actions being taken to make the updates identified in the TTC Study. The TTC is a collaboration between UW Madison, the UW System and consultation with Mercer Consulting, a human resource advising group. The goal of the Study and the Project are the same: to update the pay and benefits programs for employees.

  • What has been accomplished so far?

    TTC Project teams have worked with Mercer Consulting to:

    • Generate a Benefits Value Analysis (BVA) that will provide relevant information about benefits offered by our peers. This will help us compare the benefits we offer to those of other employers. We anticipate getting the results of the BVA after January 1, 2019.
    • Conduct an employee benefits preferences survey that will give benefits eligible employees a chance to share what they want and need in the benefits provided by UW, such as absence, leaves, and vacation. The survey results are confidential. It was conducted by Mercer Consulting during the last months of 2018 and the results will be ready in the Spring of 2019.
    • Develop a new job description format that is simple, clear, and concise. Right now, TTC Project teams are writing standard job descriptions that follow the job framework created in the Fall of 2017. Standard job descriptions (SJDs) will list work that is commonly done in specific roles. These standard job descriptions will be reviewed by campus subject matter experts to validate that they represent the work done in each role. We expect this to be finished by early 2019.
  • How can I get involved?
    1. In 2019, all UW employees will be able to review their updated standard job description with their managers. The purpose will be to talk through the transition to standard job descriptions. These conversations are important! The TTC team will provide information and training to employees and managers to assist with the discussions.
    2. Keep informed by watching for communication and updates at Inside UW, Working @ UW, and the TTC website.
  • When will I know about changes to my job description, title, salary, and/or benefits?

    Employees and managers will participate in training and have conversations about standard job descriptions in the Spring and Summer of 2019. In preparation for that, we are identifying the work employees do by creating standard job descriptions for each of the Job Groups and Sub-Groups. We are asking subject matter experts from campus to participate in a review process of the standard job descriptions to validate them.

    After that review, the standard job descriptions will be made available for all employees to see. In the Spring to Summer time frame, employees and managers will engage in training where they will receive tools to participate in conversations about the job descriptions.

    Then, Mercer Consulting will help us create pay ranges. These ranges will be based on a market review of salaries for comparable work at similar employers. This will then lead to an update of pay programs and policies so that employees and managers know how the new pay ranges work and how employees can achieve increases in pay and career opportunities. Following this, benefits will be updated.

    The TTC Project is complex and is happening in many phases. As one phase is completed, another begins.  Completing each phase of the project depends on many factors, so the project timeline is often updated. Visit the TTC website for the latest timeline. Progress is also posted in campus news, Inside UW, and Working at UW. 

  • What if I am concerned about how changes might affect me?

    The TTC Project team is interested in answering your questions and receiving your feedback and suggestions. If you have a concern that you feel has not been addressed, please contact:

About Defining Jobs

  • What is changing about our job titles?

    Many titles used at UW-Madison today will not change as they describe our new standard job descriptions accurately. In instances where current job titles do not accurately capture the work that is generally being done in the role or does not match titles used for similar work in the market, new titles will be created. The end goal is for all job titles to clearly indicate the work that is done in the role at UW-Madison.

  • How will my job title and job description be determined?

    In 2019, employees and managers will participate in training where they will receive information and tools to support conversations about the new standard job descriptions and titles.

    UW Madison has asked for subject matter experts from campus to review the draft standard job descriptions and provide feedback. After that, all employees will be able to see the standard job descriptions as well. Then in the spring to summer timeframe, the employee and manager training will occur in preparation for their review of the descriptions and discussions.

About Linking Jobs to Total Compensation

  • Why are we reviewing employee compensation?

    An in-depth review of both pay and benefits has not been done on a comprehensive basis at the institution for almost 30 years. During the TTC project, UW-Madison can compare what is being offered currently to what other employers that have similar workforces are offering. The results will guide us toward making our compensation and benefits competitive with our peers and markets.

    The project does not include a review of faculty pay, however, we will review faculty benefits. There will not be any pay reductions or job losses because of this project. The goal of the project is to provide opportunities for employees to have rewarding enriching job opportunities and understand what is needed to move through their career and how to attain financial rewards.

  • What are we comparing our compensation packages to?

    Experts recommend comparing salary and benefits to what is being offered by other employers for similar work. This is known as a market review. Mercer consultants are market experts and are helping us find market comparisons and evaluate our compensation programs. Market information will inform the development of updated salary ranges and benefits programs.

  • How will changes in salary or benefits be determined?

    The project will help determine improvements or changes that should be made to our compensation and benefits programs. Over a period of time, pay will be updated to market informed ranges and our benefits strategy will be more competitive. The goal of the project is to update pay and benefits programs to market competitive offerings, so UW can­­ attract, keep, and reward employees. Please note that no employees will lose their jobs and base pay will not be reduced based on recommendations from the TTC Project.