University of Wisconsin–Madison

Job Descriptions

Standard Job Descriptions

Standard job descriptions place all positions at UW–Madison into our new job framework. The new job descriptions are consistent and list common responsibilities, education, and experience needed for each job title. Clear levels of responsibility and skills help employees see how they can advance in their careers at UW. Standard job descriptions also simplify the process of recruiting new employees.

Currently subject matter experts from across campus are writing and reviewing new standard job descriptions. Writers and reviewers include members of Job Group Functional Teams, who played a large role in defining Job Groups and Sub-Groups in the fall of 2017.


  • Communicate an overall picture of the nature of work performed
  • Communicate the position’s role in the organization
  • Determine the kind of work, level of difficulty, accountabilities, and working conditions required of the job
  • Focus on the requirements of the job rather than a specific employee who might fill the position.


  • Summary
  • Typical Responsibilities
  • Career Path and Career Level
  • Qualifications
  • Physical Demands and Working Conditions