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Fully Prepared to Lead

Fully Prepared to Lead is a comprehensive, competency-based development program designed to help individuals master the knowledge, skills, and tools for effective leadership. Participation is free to UW–Madison employees and open to everyone—it is not limited to those in formal supervisory or management roles.


Thrive@UW–Madison is a series of courses facilitating the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities that support participants in gaining a better understanding of themselves, their organization, and campus. Participation is free to UW–Madison employees.

Upcoming Events

July Forums

July, 2019

There will be additional forums in July with a larger amount of new information.

Past Events & Training

April Forums

April 16, 2019 – April 23, 2019

Learn how the TTC Project benefits your UW career, how it helps the university be a more attractive employer, and project next steps.

Much of the content may be review if you’ve attended a previous TTC forum.

April Forum Presentation Slides (PDF)

April Forum Video (YouTube)

00:00 – Welcome
01:05 – Why TTC & Why Now?
16:14 – Titles & Standard Job Descriptions
28:46 – Market Analysis
32:40 – Benefits
37:19 – Learning Opportunities & Outreach
40:01 – Progress & Recap
48:54 – Open Q&A

Benefits Preferences Survey

November 26, 2018 – December 31, 2018

Online survey to assess employee opinions on the benefits available at UW-Madison.

Employee Benefits and Resource Fair

October 9, 2018

Discussion and in-person sessions offered employees a description of the upcoming Benefits Preferences Survey and the next steps in the TTC project.

Job Description Orientations

April 23 – May 11, 2018

In-person and online sessions gave employees an introduction to the process for creating standard job descriptions.

TTC Fundamentals for HR Representatives

September 21 – October 30, 2018

In-person sessions giving HR reps the knowledge to answer questions, coach, and support employees.

Job Group & Sub-Group Listening Sessions

November 27 – 30, 2017

In-person and online listening sessions offered employees the opportunity to provide input on job groups and sub-groups.

Job Group Forums

September 13 – October 10, 2017

In-person and online sessions for employees to learn about the Title and Total Compensation Project and provide suggestions on job groupings definitions.

Stakeholder Interviews

March 21 – April 13, 2017

In-person sessions for stakeholders to share perspectives on the current approach to titling and total compensation and the desired future state of the program.